Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Story of this Picture

I was tagged with, "This Picture Has a Story'.
*Open your first photo folder
*Scroll down to the 10th picture in your file
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*Post that photo and tell your story behind the photo.
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Karson is 11 days old in this picture. He weighed 2lbs. He had lost 9 oz. from the day he was born. I remember almost being afraid to hold him because he was so small. This was my first skin on skin experience with him. They have you do this to help with the bonding. He could hear my heartbeat and would lay there and sleep. He was such a fighter and never had any major complications. He was able to come home from the hospital 45 days after this picture! I love my little Karson!

I tag Rachelle, Kellie, Nikki, Nathan and Jenni

Thursday, August 13, 2009


The sky was so BEAUTIFUL this day! I had to pull out the camera.
The kids and I had so much fun on the trampoline just GOOFING OFF.
Karson likes to run and tackle me like a Football Player...HE'S GETTING REALLY STRONG.
Brookie enjoys singing ring around the rosies and running around the trampoline really fast and then I tackle her when they all fall down.
Both kids love jumping as high as they possibly can.
Its been such a great summer for me. I have enjoyed not having to work so much and it has been such a treat.
I LOVE the extra time I get to spend with the kids!
I LOVE them so much and we have such a great time everytime we get to be together.


Karson and Marshall had a blast with this homemade water slide. We put the hose at the top of the slide and.........YEAH!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Karson is now 5 years old! I can't believe that he will be going to kindergarten this year. He is getting so big and he's so smart. He can read, write his name and knows all his letters, number, shapes and colors. He loves playing T-Ball and loves playing with Legos, Transformers, and Ben 10 Aliens. He really loves spending lots of time playing with mom, or his friends. He definately knows how to test my patience. He is very creative and has a great imagination. He loves to ROCK out and dance! Karson has such a tender heart and really does love his sister. I love you Karson....please don't grow up too fast and remember that I am always here for you!

Brookie decided to go swimming in her regular diaper....it was hilarious!!! This diaper weighed about 15 pounds. It was so absorbant that it took on so much water and held it there. It was soooo funny watching her try to walk with the huge thing between her legs....I could not stop laughing!

Monday, February 16, 2009


We had a very fun Christmas. The kids didn't get up until 8:00 and then we spent a couple of hours watching them open their presents from Santa and play with each one. Brooklyn just wanted the candy canes. She would not put them down. When we asked her if she wanted to open a present....she would say "NO". Karson wanted to open all the presents, even if they weren't for him...he is such a good helper! He was excited about everything he got, but said that Santa forgot to bring him the Ben-10 Alien creation chamber that he had wanted. We all took a nap together later in the day....that was my Christmas Gift!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thanksgiving 2008

The Master at work!

Karson felt pretty special for being able to sit at the big kid table!! I remember those days and always feeling sad when I had to sit at the little card board table with the little kids :(

We had Thanksgiving over at my brother Dave's house. It was AMAZING!! He and Nancy are the best cooks and there was no shortage of food or dessert. I am so thankful for family and friends and for those that have helped our family get through the tough times. Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone!